The Courier Exchange Mobile app works in conjunction with
Courier Exchange and TimedFX

It works with your existing data contract and Android smartphone, no special equipment is required.

Who is it for?

  • Courier or express delivery companies – quickly locate and determine availability of your preferred drivers
  • Independent contractors or small courier companies advise all of your customers of your location and availability

Share your real-time location and availability status with your trading partners

Using a GPS-enabled Android or iPhone, you can let the Exchange know where you are and where you’re going. You have full control over the application and can stop the tracking whenever you want.

Advertise where you’re travelling to, now and in the future

You can register your dead headings from the mobile device and make yourself available for return loads or even co-loads. These make more revenue for your business and are good for the environment too!

Manage your journeys on the move

If your plans change, you can edit or even delete your journeys from the smartphone. This automatically updates the Courier Exchange web site which is being viewed by the courier and express delivery companies who you work with.

Receive ‘load’ alerts from companies that need loads moving

When a courier company / expiditer has work they need carrying out, you will automatically receive an email alert if you are driving the right size and type of vehicle for that load and are within the proximity of the pick-up

See where you’ve been and what you’ve done

An online Diary is available within the Exchange to record your bookings and log your activities

Become a fully Accredited member of the Courier Exchange / Timed FX

Send us your business documents (e.g. driving license, insurances, DMV) and we will set you up as an ‘Accredited Member’ of the exchange (subscription fee applies