Courier Exchange Mobile is a mobile app designed and built by Courier Exchange

Established in 2000, Courier Exchange is the founder company of Transport Exchange Group (“TEG”) which has designed and develoeped two of the UK’s largest, busiest freight exchanges.

Thousands of transport exchange businesses are already networked together through our Exchange where they trade consignments and eliminate dead heading in a safe, trusted environment.

The Courier Exchange system generates real time automated email notifications  based on location and vehicle size. the Exchange automatically matches each subscriber’s requirements and registered vehicle movements before sending out an email within seconds of the job posting.

Old Generation, New Generation

Courier Exchange originally pioneered one of the first ever mobile applications back in 2004.  With the new generation of ‘smart’ cell phones on the market we have used our knowledge and experience from the our 1st generation app and brought it up-to-date to work with the most popular smart phone operating systems; Android and iPhone (other OS’s to be developed). We have developed new features to take advantage of the GPS and touch screen capabilities of today’s devices.