Live Availability Map

The Live Availability Map (LAM) is clear and simple to use. Driver’s location, availability and journeys are colour coded on the map and with relevant ‘decision making’ information available with a single click. Making it very easy to find drivers to cover loads.

Live Availability Map Explained

Blue Tabs – The blue tabs located at the top left of the LAM allows you to select whether you want the map to display only your own tracked drivers, all other drivers (excluding your own drivers) or ALL drivers (including your own drivers).

Availability – The ‘Availability’ status of each tracked driver can be determined by the colour of the pin:

 Green – The driver has set their status to ‘Available’ which could mean the driver is:

  • Waiting for next job
  • Going home empty
  • On a journey
  • Go anywhere

Amber – The driver has set their status to “Maybe Available” which could mean the driver is:

  • Available with constraints
  • Co-loading
  • Tramping
  • En-route

Red – The driver has set their status to ‘Unavailable’ which could mean the driver is:

  • On a break
  • Or on a job

The blue colour pin shown on the LAM is known as a cluster, which means if two or more tracked drivers are located within 5 miles of each other or the current zoom level of the map is too small to show all the pins accurately, then their locations will be displayed as a blue cluster pin.

You can either click on the blue pin to ‘Un-cluster’ the pins or you can zoom in using the zoom tool on the left of the map or use the mouse scroll.

The numbers in the green, red and amber pins represent the table row number for this driver.

The number in a blue pin represents how many drivers are clustered together.

Info balloon – If you move your mouse over a pin (not a blue cluster pin but an individual green, amber or red pin) a balloon will appear containing more info about the driver, their status of availability, the vehicle and their contact details.

Company level subscribers can use the Live Availability Map (LAM) in the following ways:

1. To find drivers to cover their loads. The LAM is a quick and an efficient way to find the closet tracked driver to your load. You can find their contact details in the table underneath the LAM or by clicking on the relevant pin. Clicking on the Driver’s name will open up their ‘Accreditation Overlay’ (full directory listing) so you can view their feedback and to check their documents are up to date and complaints.

2. Companies can also use the Live Availability Map to find loads for their tracked drivers. Our unique map displays vehicle location and relevant loads on a single screen.

Owner driver level subscribers:

If you’re a driver looking for loads, our Mobile App puts YOU in control by advertising your real-time location and availability on the LAM giving easy and immediate contact with suppliers.

*It is important to remember that Live Availability and Journeys are two very separate things and they should not be confused with each other. However, combining all the information together (Location, Availability and Planned Routes) can be used to establish whether a driver may suit your needs.