How It Works

The Courier Exchange Mobile App Explained

Easy to use? Absolutely!

The Courier Exchange Mobile App has been designed to be simple and extremely easy to use. Registering journeys, sending POD references, advertising your location and availability can all be completed with only a few clicks – just what a busy courier needs.

How to update your availability status:

Simply tap on the I’m available, I may be available or I’m unavailable button and select the relevant status, a message and how long you would like to advertise the status for.

After you have done this, just tap ‘Save‘ (Android phones) or ‘Done‘ (iPhones) – this will ensure that your status has been updated.

How to register a journey:

There’s three different ways you can post a journey:

  • Going Home – posts a journey from your current location to your home location
  • Going To – posts a journey from your current location to a destination of your choosing
  • Future Journey – post a journey from and to locations which you specify

When registering a journey, you’ll be able to enter additional details such as ETAs, Capacity Status, Load Weight and Pallet Space Available too!

How to manage journeys:

You can Add, Edit or Delete any journey which you have registered by clicking on the My Journeys button on the Mobile App. Once you are in the My Journeys section, you can add a journey by clicking on the Add Journey button. By selecting a journey, you will have the option to edit or delete the selected journey.

How to turn tracked notifications ON/OFF?

You can turn tracked notifications relevant to your current location on or off by tapping the Notify when tracked button in the on or off position.

My Bookings:

When you have secured a load, you will be able to update your supplier in real time by updating your booking statuses. You will be able to update the following statuses:

  • On Site (Pick Up)
  • Loaded
  • On Site (Delivery)
  • Delivered (Enter POD details)

Each booking status update is date and time stamped and sent as an email to the supplier. The email includes a Google Maps link of the vehicle’s current location. Status updates are displayed in the Exchange diary in real-time. Status updates can also be emailed to any email address via the Pro-Alerts* feature if required.

*Available on higher subscription levels

Who’s Nearby?

You can view a map of drivers within a 30 mile radius of you by clicking on the Who’s Nearby button. Each driver is represented by a pin and tapping on the pin will bring up the drivers details so you can call them direct.

If you have any further queries in relation to the Mobile App, call us on 0208 896 6733.