The Courier Exchange Mobile App

Available in UK and mainland Europe only


Why use the Courier Exchange Mobile App?

Maximise your visibility…Get more work…Increase your profits!

Owner Drivers

  • Login and let the Courier Exchange mobile app plot your current location on the Live Availability Map – this makes it easy for members looking for a vehicle in a particular area to find you
  • Update your status of availability to indicate if you are available (like a taxi light)
  • Receive live, automatic load notifications based on your current location.
  • When you have received a confirmed booking, you can update your supplier with the following statuses: On Site (pickup), Loaded, On Site (delivery), Delivered/POD
  • Post and manage your return journeys from your smartphone directly to the Exchange


  • Quickly find available vehicles in the right place at the right time by using the colour coded Live Availability Map
  • Use the Courier Exchange mobile app (like an owner driver – above) for your PAYE drivers and regular sub-contractors
  • Your vehicles and sub-contractors will appear under your company name to other members and by your reference to your account users
  • Receive load notifications based on current location directly to your dispatcher
  • Send drivers a booking confirmation directly to their mobile app which will allow them to update you with the following statuses: On Site (pickup), Loaded, On Site (delivery), Delivered/POD
  • Use the Vehicle Activity Management screen* to toggle your tracked alerts on/off, update vehicle statuses, post and manage journeys, view your vehicle location and find loads in relation to their location.
  • The Vehicle Activity Management Screen will enable you toggle your tracked alerts on/off and have complete control over your privacy, so its up to you who you would like to advertise your vehicle location to!

All of these features are very easy and quick to use and will help you to advertise your vehicle capacity to other members of the exchange and in turn, make the most from every mile!

For more information please call us on 020 8896 6733, alternatively you can email

The Courier Exchange Mobile App works in conjunction with a Courier Exchange or Haulage Exchange subscription.

*Owner drivers are limited to one mobile app per account, this come included FREE in your membership