3.2 Feature Updates

We have added the following features:

  • New ‘On My Way to Pick Up’ booking status
  • Update status milestones from the booking summary
  • Document Scanner – add multiple documents to the POD
  • Receive full booking notes including whether a hard copy POD required
  • Chat to all members of the despatch department using our instant messenger
  • Create invoices with one-click after you have entered the POD
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

A new version of our driver essential mobile app has been added to both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Share your location

Using a smartphone or tablet and the Courier Exchange Mobile App, you can easily let Exchange members know where you are. Login to the app and you will immediately be visible on the Live Availability Map.

Share location - Courier Exchange Mobile App
For more information on the LAM please click here.

Availability Status

By updating your availability status via the Courier Exchange Mobile App you can let other members know if you are available and waiting for your next job, maybe available with constraints or unavailable.

Your availability status will be represented by a colour coded pin on the Live Availability Map:

Green = Available

Amber = Maybe Available

Red = Unavailable

Status reminders

Keep your status as accurate as possible with status update reminders. When setting the availability status, you can decide how long the selected availability status will be valid for. You can keep the availability status valid  for up to 4 hours and after 19:00 three further options appear which will enable you to keep your availability status valid until 06:00, 07:00 and 08:00. 5 minutes before your selected time, your device will ‘ping’ and ‘vibrate’ and the status screen will be opened so the status can be reset. Booking statuses also have a status reminder feature where you will be asked to update your booking status and reminder time when updating the ‘On site – pickup’ and ‘POD’ statuses.

Load matches based on your location

When an Exchange member posts a load on the Exchange, you will receive an email notification about the load automatically if you are in the right size vehicle within the proximity of the pick-up. If you are a company level subscriber the load notification will NOT be sent to the driver, the notification will be sent to your despatch office.

Notify when tracked

You can choose whether or not you would like to receive notifications based on your current location as the mobile app enables you to switch your tracked notifications on or off irrespective of your availability status.

My Bookings

A list of confirmed bookings and information for each booking can be viewed on the app. The app also allows you to update booking statuses which are sent directly to the supplier. Each status update can only be done in sequence for example, you cannot jump straight to On Site (Delivery):

On Site – Pickup


On Site – Delivery

Delivered (Enter POD details)

Each Status is date and time stamped and emailed to the supplier including a Google Maps link of the vehicle’s current location. The current status is instantly visible in the Exchange diay. Status updates can also be emailed automatically to the end customer via Pro-alerts* if required.

*Pro-Alerts is available on higher subscription levels only.

Signature and Image Capture

Using the new signature and image capture feature on the app you can simply hand your phone to your customer after a delivery, they sign the large landscape screen with their finger, and the signature is uploaded fast to your diary and the diary of the member that gave you the booking.

Register your Return Journeys

Registering a return  journey from the App is simple and can be completed with just 2 clicks!

Advertise where you are travelling to, now and in the future. Once the return journey is registered it will appear on the Exchange instantly. The system will use the route information to predict where the vehicle will be at any given time on this route and match it with appropriate loads – this is in addition to live load matches, which uses current location

Manage your journeys on the road

If the journey changes, you have the ability to edit or delete the journey straight from the App. This puts you in control. No need to call anyone.

Who’s Nearby?

With tracking turned on, the app allows you to view a map of all tracked members within 30 miles of your current location. Each tracked driver will be represented by a pin on the map and you will be able to view details of the member when you tap on the pin, allowing you to also call them directly. You can refresh this map by tapping on the ‘refresh’ icon. You can reap immense benefits from this feature as it allows you to network with other drivers locally and allows you to decide whether or not you would like to quote on a load based on the number of other drivers in the area.

Rotating View

The mobile app has a rotating view which enables you to view the app either vertically or horizontally, so if you have a dashboard mounted device, you can view the app without having to tilt your head or removing your device from the bracket.


If your device drops mobile data/WIFI signal, the it will indicate that you are offline at the top of the screen. In the event of your device dropping mobile data/WIFI signal whilst you are updating your booking status, the status update for the booking is stored on the device and submitted once mobile data/WIFI signal has been re-established.


Pro-Alerts is a service that informs you and your customer automatically by email – you can enter up to three email addresses to receive the Pro-Alerts and also select the time frequency at which you wish to send the en-route alerts out to your specified recipients. Your recipients will receive the following notifications:

  • Periodic en-route notifications with the driver’s current location at the frequency which you’ve decided
  • When the driver is on site (pick up)
  • When loaded, on site (delivery)
  • When POD details have been submitted

*Pro-Alerts is available on higher level subscriptions

Manage your tracked Drivers

Managing your tracked drivers and vehicles has never been easier! Companies now have the ability to advertise their vehicle’s availability and destinations using our unique and easy-to-use Vehicle Activity Management screen*. When your drivers are logged into the mobile app you will have complete control of them.

In addition to this, you have the ability to decide whether you want to receive notifications based on the location of your vehicles, you can update statuses, post and manage journeys, view your vehicle location and find loads in relation to their location.

*The Vehicle Activity Management Screen is available on higher level subscriptions

Fully accredited member of the Courier Exchange?

You will need to be a subscribed member of either the Courier or Haulage Exchange in order to use the Mobile App.

If you would like further information regarding our Mobile App or details about membership, please call us on +44 (0)208 993 7100.